To be eligible for subsidised fees, please enrol with The Village Medical Centre prior to your visit. Our enrolment process can be completed online starting with the Pre-Enrolment form below.

PLEASE NOTE that you will need to provide identification and upload it with this online form, or you can bring a photocopy or original to your first appointment.

See below for a list of acceptable supporting evidence:

New Zealand Citizens:
  • New Zealand Passport (No further documentation required);
  • New Zealand Driver’s License, AND one of the following:
    ~ Birth Certificate
    ~ Community Services Card
New Zealand Residents and Other Eligible Persons:
  • Passport, AND one of the following:
    ~ NZ Visa (at least 2 years)
    ~ Residence Permit
Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents:
  • Australian passport, or other passport with Australian permanent resident/resident return visa, AND
  • Evidence that New Zealand has been/will be your principal place of residence for at least two years (e.g. employment, house purchase). The two years is counted from your arrival date in New Zealand.

You will be prompted to upload any identification and supporting documents in Step 4 of our enrolment form. This could be a photo or scanned file, or you can bring a photocopy or original to your first appointment.